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It's a sobering fact: every day, each of us contributes 7 pounds of waste to our landfills. But you have the power to make a change. By choosing our upcycled leashes you're not just picking a product, you're picking a solution. 

Turn waste into wonder, choose sustainable, and make a difference today with each wag and walk

At Knotty Paw, we believe in the power of transformation and second chances. By repurposing retired climbing ropes into unique dog leashes, we're championing sustainability and celebrating local craftsmanship. Join us in making a difference, one leash and one tail wag at a time.

Quality's our promise. These sturdy leashes are loved by people and dogs alike. But, if you aren't entirely smitten, we'll happily rehome it for another tail-wagging adventure!

  • Unraveling the years

    Your leash is a seasoned adventurer, we let you in on when your loyal leash was in put in service.

  • Where your leash has been

    Your is a seasoned mountaineer! We'll reveal the peaks it's conquered and the thrilling ascents it's been part of.

  • Who’s behind the rope?

    Who gifted us this rope-turned-leash? We'll share who entrusted us with their loyal climbing buddy and why they chose to pass the torch (or leash)!

  • Your limited edition leash

    Your leash is special! It's one of just a handful crafted from the same unique climbing rope. It's got its own charming character!

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We'd love to hear from you! Whether you're curious about our upcycling process, want to learn more about our unique leashes, or simply want to share your pet's latest adventure, we're all ears. Drop us a line, and let's chat about turning waste into wonder together!